We believe a bank should be about more than just money – there’s a bigger role for us to play. That’s why you’ll hear a lot about our ambition to build a bank that makes everyone better off.

And we mean everyone. Our customers, staff and shareholders, our business partners and the communities we serve.

For us, this means:

  • Making our customers better off by delivering great value, straightforward products and services.
  • Making our colleagues better off by making Virgin Money a great place to work.
  • Making our corporate partners better off by building strong and productive relationships with them.
  • Making our company better off by aiming to deliver a profit for our shareholders that is fair but not excessive.
  • Making our communities better off by helping out whenever and wherever we can.

It's time for a better kind of bank. It’s time to get more brilliant people on board to help us make it happen.

Watch the TV ad we made to launch our quest to make banking better.