Changing banking is a huge ambition, but one which we believe we have the passion to achieve.

‘Everyone’s Better Off’ isn’t a slogan. It’s something we aspire to achieve every day in the work we do. After all, we all share the responsibility to have a positive impact on people, inside and outside the company. We encourage an environment where people can be their true self at work.

You’ll see us doing the important things you’d expect of a bank, but you’ll also see us doing things other banks don’t. And looking at things in ways that other banks won’t. Because we have a bigger idea behind our business - a different ambition.

How are we making Virgin Money different?

  • By genuinely caring about our customers and their money, not rushing in to sell to them.
  • By putting customer service ahead of cost-cutting, and people ahead of account numbers.
  • By creating straightforward, no-nonsense products with the reassurance that there’s no sting in the tail.
  • By making a fair profit, not an excessive one.
  • By using our expertise with money to do some good in the world.

Wonderful things can happen when brilliant people come together.

So come to Virgin Money. Come and work your Brilliant. And while you’re creating experiences that mean more for our customers and communities, we’ll be the enterprising, fun and innovative workplace that brings out the absolute best in you.