We want to give you every chance to show us how brilliant you are when you apply, so here are a few pointers to help you through our recruitment process.

Workplace diversity is hugely important to us and we were one of the first companies to sign up to the Government initiative of ‘name blind’ recruitment, aimed at reducing potential discrimination in the recruitment process.

When you apply

When you apply for a job, relax and take your time. 

Be honest too. We want to hear about your past experience to learn about what you’ve accomplished, so that we can celebrate that.


Before your interview

Know your stuff. And ours too.

Take some time to go over your CV and think of specific examples that will show us just how brilliant you are.

Make sure that you’ve had a good look around this website so you know what we do, and why we do it. Check out our my.virginmoney.com website to get a greater understanding of everything we do.

Practice makes perfect. Although there isn’t a set format for our interviews, there are some questions you should take some time to think about before coming along to meet us, or even before you make the decision to apply. You could also ask a friend to help you practice.

They can ask you questions like: Why do you want to work for Virgin Money? Why do you want this job in particular? Why should we hire you? What’s the best thing you’ve ever done, and why?

On the day

First impressions really count. You don’t need to buy a new outfit for your interview, but remember we work in a professional environment.

Be on time. Double check that you know where you’re going and what time you need to be there. Then you can give yourself plenty of time so you’re not all flustered before you even get through the door.

Ask us some questions. Your interview’s not an interrogation, it’s a conversation. We want to get to know you. And we hope you’re just as interested in us. So think about what else you’d like to know about the job or the team you’d be joining.

Most of all, don’t worry. Just be yourself, and be honest. And take a breath before you answer, so that you can think before you speak. (Oh, and don’t forget to turn your mobile off too.)

Good luck!