We created Virgin Money Giving as a not-for-profit business. To help more people help other people, so that Everyone’s Better Off.

The idea came to us as a result of Virgin Money’s sponsorship of the London Marathon. Looking at how runners were raising money, it became clear that there was a better way of doing things. One that would help people involved in all sorts of fundraising activities.
So how does Virgin Money Giving make everyone better off? That’s all down to our brilliant people.

We’ve got people like James and our other IT experts, developing and maintaining the secure systems and site where people fundraise and donate. And Janet and the risk assessment team, whose rigorous checks protect our site and its users from financial crime. Then there’s Emma whose team are involved in a vast array of activity to support charities and fundraisers achieve their goals.

Because of them, and the rest of our teams, fundraisers and donors can be 100% confident that the company they’re dealing with isn’t making a profit on their donation and that more of their hard-earned cash is going to the cause they’re passionate about.

Meanwhile, charities are better off paying the lowest fees that not-for-profit business Virgin Money Giving is able to offer, and because we give them the tools and information they need to run more effective fundraising campaigns.

It’s really very simple. We just want to use our financial expertise to do some good in the world.