Are you ready to earn a bit of VIP treatment?

Since we launched our EBO Stars award in 2012, more than 100 of Virgin Money’s brilliant people have won the award for very different reasons - from Beth motivating teenagers to think seriously about their future, to Helen going above and beyond to help a family move into their new home.

And the one thing they all have in common? Like our colleague Mario, inspiring young entrepreneurs, they’ve all done something that embodies EBO.

So what does EBO mean? We thought you might be wondering. It means Everyone’s Better Off. Making everyone better off is what we aim to achieve - every one of us, every day in the work we do. We believe a bank should be about more than just money. There’s a greater role for us to play. To use our expertise for something that has a positive impact on everyone. And we mean everyone. Our customers, staff and shareholders, our business partners and the communities around us.

And to celebrate the wonderful things they’ve done for the people around them, we treat our EBO Stars to one of a range of great prizes and Virgin Experience Days. We give them the full VIP treatment for the day as a special thank you for making someone better off.

So, with hotel breaks, pampering sessions, afternoon tea, lavish hotel breaks and more - what will you enjoy if you become one of our EBO Stars?