"It’s great to have had the opportunity to be involved in the new Lounge projects.

I work in the team that looks after 3rd line support covering the whole of the Virgin Money estate. This also covers Video Conferencing and supporting organised events. For the Lounge projects I’ve been acting as the IT technical lead, to ensure that the IT infrastructure was all in place to support the brilliant customer experience we’re aiming for.

It’s been great for me, being exposed to new technologies - especially digital signage. In the Haymarket Store we installed an actual digital signage fish tank, with Richard Branson swimming in a Virgin scuba suite. We also had an aeroplane fuselage installed, with digital signage to give customers a virtual moving plane theme. Best of all was having Richard Branson digitally projected outside the Store, with whispering glass so that customers could see and hear Richard Branson outside. This was a truly amazing use of digital technology, which customers were fascinated by.

I work alongside some great colleagues, both internal and external, on these projects. There are challenges but we meet our goals together, to deliver amazing IT for our customers and staff. On completion, signing over to the Store Team gives you a real sense of achievement. Some of the delivery timescales can be challenging, but the end result is always something I’m proud to have been part of.

The Store project has taken me to various parts of the country that I’d never visited before, including Glasgow, which I’d definitely visit again. I had an amazing time working on the new Store there. I’m lucky to be gaining such valuable experience with Virgin Money."