“I’ve been the Norwich Lounge Manager since it launched in 2011. It’s my job to ensure that all of our members enjoy a unique experience, different to any other bank, every time they visit.

It’s such a great place to be for members, who can enjoy a cup of coffee while they read the paper or catch up with a friend - or take part in one of our fabulous charity events.

We do lots of work with community groups, schools and charities - because we have the space to help, a team that cares and the schemes to support them.

Having great staff leads to customers loving us.  That’s why supporting and motivating my team is such an important part of my role, from development, support and guidance to having fun and enjoying what they do.

With thousands of members, lively staff and, of course, the standards we adhere to, there’s always something to do. I never get bored!

We’re always looking for ways to make the Lounges even better - and I love playing my part in this continuous improvement, to develop the Lounges of the future.”