“Sadly, even charities can be the target of criminals. So in Risk I work with Virgin Money Giving (VMG) to enable people to use the VMG charity website, safe in the knowledge that the money they’re donating is going to the charity they want to support.

Risk works closely with VMG to ensure that robust account opening procedures are in place to verify that the individuals setting up websites with VMG are actually the ones who control the charity. This is to prevent people impersonating charities in order to siphon donations for themselves, and protects not only VMG but the charity and its reputation, and most importantly the people who wish to donate.

Risk also provides advice and guidance to VMG relating to the rigorous checks that are in place to ensure that charities do actually exist and are appropriately registered. It’s important for us to ensure that all charities are subject to the same risk assessments using documented controls and procedures.

It all helps people to know that they can count on VMG and be confident that their donations reach the intended destination. And I take great pride in supporting VMG to help make that possible."