“I joined Virgin Money in 2009, just in time for the launch of Virgin Money Giving. As someone with a passion for both raising money for good causes, and for technology, being part of this venture was the perfect opportunity for me.

I started as part of the Development team, and have been running that team as System Delivery Manager for the last few years. Although I do look after some elements of our virginmoney.com website my main role is supporting and delivering change on the Virgin Money Giving system.

I’m incredibly proud to work on this system. It’s a true example of Everyone’s Better Off, and of what makes Virgin Money a better bank. The system has grown from inception to safely transacting millions of pounds a year for good causes. And because of our not-for-profit status and lower transaction fees we see more money going to charity. Being part of that growth is a career highlight for me.

As well as the important essentials such as ensuring our systems can support a successful growing business safely and securely, I’m always looking for innovative ways that we can use technology for good. That means I’m often out and about visiting potential partners with new fundraising ideas, and work closely with other business areas to drive the overall success of our business. An organisation is only as good as its people and, although I'm fortunate to have a highly skilled and hugely engaged team, I take great satisfaction in spending time developing people and seeing their combined and individual successes.

My role is challenging and varied, with plenty of responsibility and pressure. But seeing the range of amazing personal achievements, from the fundraiser story's to the positive outcomes that raising the money can bring, it always feels worthwhile. It's great to have a job where you feel you can make a difference.”