Helen became one of our EBO Stars by going the extra mile to make it possible for a family to move into their new home.

It all started when Helen took a call from an incredibly stressed mortgage broker one afternoon. He told her that his client had been informed that they couldn’t move into their brand new home, because we weren’t ready to complete on their mortgage. The removal van was packed and his client, their two young children and dogs, had nowhere to stay.

It was 3pm when she took the call, so Helen knew she’d need to pull out all the stops if the funds were to be transferred that day.

The first thing she did was speak to the customer to reassure them. Then Helen worked with her colleagues in Mortgage Operations to find a solution - keeping the broker, the solicitor and the customer all updated. She refused to give up, and the funds were released later that afternoon. Our customer and his family moved into their new home that day, and everyone was delighted.