"I get to work with the best group of people, caring about customers’ needs and striving to help them in any way we can.

Virgin Money Giving is a close-knit team, almost like a family. Everyone in the team, whether they’re a member of Management, Finance or IT, is always happy to help.

Each and every day varies - from carrying out testing on the site and supporting charities in reaching their goals, to supporting the VMG app or cheering fundraisers at fantastic events around the UK.

It’s great coming into work and not knowing what the day ahead holds, but my favourite part is hearing amazing stories from all of the fundraisers that use our site. I’m inspired by new stories every day.

I’m really keen on staff development and always encourage my team to enhance their skills. Also, it’s impossible not to become involved with fundraising when you work for VMG. Team members have taken part in big events around the UK and raised thousands for charities of their choice.

VMG epitomises Virgin Money’s Everyone’s Better Off vision - more money to charities, free support, a caring team and personal touch.”